My name is Kelsey Fox Bennett and I am passionate about helping moms, kids and families recover from trauma with holistic and all natural tools and techniques.

As a baby I experienced multiple traumas, including contracting bacterial spinal meningitis, a serious and potentially deadly disease that causes inflammation of the membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord, at only 5 and a half months old.

The doctors warned of loss of hearing and learning challenges, but thanks to my mom’s fierce love and the support of holistic healing, I thrived beyond expectation.

This is how I now help others.

This is how I can help you and your kids.

Healing is possible. Thriving is an option. And it’s available to you.

Are you ready?

My private sessions book out quickly, so contact me today for a no-obligation chat to find out how my method can help you restore inner alignment and recreate your life.

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My beautiful daughter came into this world through serious trauma. Once we finally made it home after weeks of staying in the hospital/NICU we were thankful to be alive. Months later I was able to work with Kelsey. I personally found her approach to be the only way for both my daughter and I to heal. I absolutely recommend this unique healing process for anyone.
— Brennan Brands, Registered Nurse & Mother of Two, Parker, CO
Kelsey approaches her work with her full presence and compassionate sensitivity as a healer. Her gentle playfulness guides you through a discovery and awareness of your body’s subtle messages. You take away simple practices and intentions to support growing into your best self.
— Rebecca Ann S. Kirk, M.Ed., Educator, Community Artist & Researcher, Boston, MA


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