My name is Kelsey Fox Bennett and my vision is to help you and your kids heal from past trauma and, in essence, recreate your daily life.  

My unique skill set accelerates healing and provides concrete tools for day-to-day triggers, stress and trauma.

Restore inner alignment and return to joy! I help all my clients rediscover a sense of safety in their body. From there I guide them to reconnect - literally rewiring the physical body and brain for integration as well as connecting them to their inner creator and the unlimited potential of their spirit.

My specialties include recovery from birth trauma, divorce, miscarriage, illness/surgery, loss of a loved one and other traumas; as well as holistic healing for ADD / ADHD and developmental or educational delays.

My method is a balance of movement and mindfulness techniques, creative and play-based exercises and the healing power of the natural world.

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I offer private healing sessions, workshops and training for kids, parents, educators and healers. 

My private sessions book out quickly, so contact me today for a no-obligation chat to find out how my method can help you restore inner alignment and recreate your life.

"My beautiful daughter came into this world through serious trauma. Once we finally made it home after weeks of staying in the hospital/NICU we were thankful to be alive. Months later I was able to work with Kelsey. I personally found her approach to be the only way for both my daughter and I to heal. I absolutely recommend this unique healing process for anyone.-Brennan Brands, Registered Nurse & Mother of Two, Parker, CO

 "Kelsey is one of the most talented professionals I know... Whether it's working with adults, children or babies, Kelsey offers a wealth of solutions to help people live happier, healthier lives." -Lorraine Miller, Gratitude Expert, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Author, Speaker & Mom, Port Washington, NY

"Kelsey approaches her work with her full presence and compassionate sensitivity as a healer. Her gentle playfulness guides you through a discovery and awareness of your body's subtle messages. You take away simple practices and intentions to support growing into your best self."  -Rebecca Ann S. Kirk, M.Ed., Educator, Community Artist & Researcher, Boston, MA


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